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Residential Trip: Deposits due on Monday

Deposits for our residential trip in September 2023 are due on Monday. Please check your email inboxes for payment details.



We have been focusing in our literacy sessions over the past few days on the skill of questioning. The class have been working very hard at using questioning words, remembering to use question marks, and identifying the difference between open ended and closed questions. This transferable skill will be applied later on in the week to the creation of our interview questions for our STEM/DYW project.

P6 Class Newsletter

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P6 Class Newsletter

Term 2

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Dear Parents and Carers,

This class newsletter will provide an overview of our learning expectations in each curricular area for the second term. Our class blog will be regularly updated to highlight our weekly learning experiences. We have provided the link to this at the top of the newsletter.

The class will have PE on Monday and Thursday, so we ask that pupils come prepared with their PE kit on those days.

Literacy and English

This term we continue to read our class novel, Wonder by R. J. Palacio. We have started reading this during our reading session and beginning to use a Reciprocal Reading structure. We will work in different groups and take on different roles. These roles are Predictor, Questioner, Clarifier and Summariser. We have been learning the skills and what each role consists of and will begin taking on these roles over the coming weeks.

In our writing sessions, we have been exploring different types of poetry. We will also look at descriptive writing and explore different descriptive writing techniques. We will develop our note taking skills. This will be useful as we begin to research different professions as part of our DYW projects. Pupils will be encouraged to take useful notes as they read and listen to information.

We continue to use wraparound spelling, with each day’s spelling activities focusing on different skills. We focus on a different sound each week and think of different ways to grow our root word.

Numeracy & Maths

Primary 6 will be focusing on money and addition and subtraction this term.

In our addition and subtraction, we will explore a variety of strategies. This will include using partitioning, jump strategy, develop our ability to bridge a decade and will look at more formal written ways to solve calculations.

In money, pupils will focus on understanding the value of different coins and how to record this in pounds and pence. We will also learn to calculate the total of items and change given. We will explore budgets and the terms profit and loss.

On a Friday morning we will continue to develop our mental agility, focusing on times tables and basic facts.

Health and Wellbeing

Physical Education

Pupils will be focusing on social dance and develop their skills in court games.


All P6 profiles are online.  We encourage the pupils to show you their profiles on their Chrome Books regularly.   Pupils maintain 3 sections on a weekly basis: “What stuck with me this week,” “Learning Conversations” and “Wider Achievements.”  Our learning conversations this term will be about aspects of wellbeing.

Modern Languages 


This term we will continue to revise previously taught vocabulary, such as greetings, the weather, numbers, ordering lunches and emotions.


Each Thursday morning, Mrs James will be revising Gaelic greetings, introductions, colours, and numbers.

Interdisciplinary Learning (Topics)

Developing the Young Workforce – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

  • Explore and research a variety of careers which use STEM
  • Develop our note taking skills.
  • Learn about different types of questions and focus on creating our own questions
  • Carry out interviews
  • Use notes to create a slideshow and present this to other.
  • Developing communication and presentation skills.

Kind regards,

Mrs Myers & Mrs Morrison

Mrs Myers (Monday, Tuesday)                      Mrs Morrison (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Email:            Email:

Week 3

Recently we have been learning about different types of poetry. We wrote acrostic poems and cinquain poems. We had to think hard about different descriptive techniques. These have been focused around Autumn. We also created some wonderful artwork themed around Autumn and exploring perspective. Don’t they look great?

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered for our DYW interviews. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible.

A reminder that there is a meeting next week (17th November) about the trip to Loch Insh. If you have not returned your slip yet, please return this as soon as possible. Thank you!


As part of our topic this term pupils will be working in groups to research a given Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career and collaborate to create interview questions.  Pupils will then conduct a research interview with someone from that field of work.

We are on the hunt for parent volunteers in P6 to assist with this project! Do you have a career in a STEM related field? Would you be willing to be interviewed by pupils in the class about your job in person, on the telephone or via a video conferencing call online? If so, please contact via email either Mrs Myers or Mrs Morrison to let us know! Thanks!

First week of term two

It’s lovely to be back to school and what a busy week it has been! At the start of the week P6 we’re learning how to be super summarisers. They will continue working on this in reading this term. We are also focussing on the skill of monitoring. This means we are thinking about what we are reading as we read it.

In maths and numeracy we continued to look at volume and capacity and the difference between these. We were using estimation to estimate the volume held by different containers and learned to accurately read scales using millilitres and litres. We continued to explore decimals and focussed on ordering and comparing this. We listened to a very catchy song to help us with this.

In other areas of our learning, we looks at farm to fork. In pairs, we watched videos about the journey different foods take from where they are grown and produced all the way to the supermarket. We found lots of interesting facts and collaborate using Jamboard to teach others our findings.