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First week of term two

It’s lovely to be back to school and what a busy week it has been! At the start of the week P6 we’re learning how to be super summarisers. They will continue working on this in reading this term. We are also focussing on the skill of monitoring. This means we are thinking about what we are reading as we read it.

In maths and numeracy we continued to look at volume and capacity and the difference between these. We were using estimation to estimate the volume held by different containers and learned to accurately read scales using millilitres and litres. We continued to explore decimals and focussed on ordering and comparing this. We listened to a very catchy song to help us with this.

In other areas of our learning, we looks at farm to fork. In pairs, we watched videos about the journey different foods take from where they are grown and produced all the way to the supermarket. We found lots of interesting facts and collaborate using Jamboard to teach others our findings.


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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